Who We Are

The Board of Trustees is made up of nine Community members who reside in specific geographical areas of Kershaw County.  The current Board members are:

Mr. Derial Ogburn
Chairman, Wateree Township (Term Expires 9/30/18)
Committees:  Executive Committee; Karesh Committee; Contracts Committee

Mr. Wayne Tidwell
Vice-Chairman, Buffalo Township (Term Expires 9/30/19)
Committees:  Executive Committee; Bylaws Committee; Website Committee

Mr. Eric Boland
DeKalb Township (Term Expires 9/30/19)
Committees:  Executive Committee; Real Estate Committee

Mr. Walter Long
DeKalb Township (Term Expires 9/30/24)
Committees:  Finance Committee; Real Estate Committee

Ms. Catherine Cantey
DeKalb Township (Term Expires 9/30/24)
Committees:  Finance Committee 

Mr. John Koumas
Wateree Township (Term Expires 9/30/21)
Committees:  Karesh Committee; Real Estate Committee

Mr. Nick Moore
Wateree Township (Term Expires 9/30/18)
Committees:  Finance Committee

Mr. Eric Gunter
DeKalb Township (Term Expires 9/30/26)

Mr. Shannon West
Flat Rock Township (Term Expires 9/30/18)
Committees:  Karesh Committee


Ms. Sallie Harrell
Executive Director


Are you interested in becoming a Health Services District of Kershaw County Board member?

If so, please fill out a Biographical Data Form for consideration. The form can be found here.