• What is the relationship between The District and Capella Healthcare (now known as RCCH HealthCare Partners)?  Effective November 1, 2015, the operations of KershawHealth were sold to Capella Healthcare.  White Oak Management, Inc. manages the Karesh Long Term Care Center, though The District owns the facility.  With the transition, The District and Capella entered into a lease agreement for the grounds of the main campus and the Elgin facility, though, again, The District still owns these two facilities.  As of August 2021, MUSC has acquired the lease of the properties originally leased to Capella. 
  • How was The Health Services District of Kershaw County formed?  In 1954, the South Carolina General Assembly formed The Kershaw County Hospital Board, which allowed for the appointment of community members to sit on the Board for the Kershaw County Hospital.  Due to the Capella transaction (described above), The Kershaw County Hospital Board decided to add the d/b/a name "The Health Services District of Kershaw County" in order to further identify themselves to the community and distinguish themselves from the functions of the hospital.     
  • What are the primary functions of The District?  Please see the "What We Do" section under "About"
  • Do I contact The District if I'm looking for healthcare services or a physician?  No.  Please contact KershawHealth at (803) 432-4311.  In case of an emergency, please dial 911.
  • When and where does The District Board of Trustees meet?  Are these meetings open to the public?  The Board of Trustees meets on the second Monday of the month at 6pm at their offices located at 700 West Dekalb Street, Camden, SC  29020.  The Board welcomes any public comments at the beginning of each regular meeting.  Comments are limited to 5 minutes.