What We Do

  • Owner of The Karesh Long Term Care Facility.  A primary responsibility of the Board is the operation of this facility. The day-to- day operations are managed through a contract with RCCH Healthcare Partners.
  • Oversees the Lease Agreement with RCCH Healthcare Partners for operation of the Kershaw Health hospital services provided for the residents of Kershaw County and surrounding counties.
  • Owner of two facilities from which hospital services are provided and several other properties further described on that specific page on this site.
  • Maintains a healthy budget of in order to assure that healthcare needs in Kershaw County are being met.
  • Manages funds in a 403B for employees/retirees of KershawHealth with professional assistance.
  • Responsible for the administration of retirement benefits for some former employees of KershawHealth. This is more fully described in the specific page on this site.