Don't take our word for it!  See what our residents and their families are saying about us!

"I have a long history with Karesh as my mother, father, grandmother and grandfather as well as numerous aunts and uncles have been residents of Karesh. I now have been at patient of Karesh Rehab and I just love the people here.  They all do such a good job and are so friendly. They all speak to me and seem to love me.  Hopefully, Karesh will be here in years to come for my children."
     -B.M.; short-term rehab patient

"I think Karesh is great. This is the third facility we’ve been in and the care here is great.  The CNAs and the Nurses are wonderful and they do what is best for the patients. I feel very lucky that my wife is here.  Anybody should know that this is the best place to be.  The management is great, too. They are here so much at all different times."
     -S.A.; husband of Karesh resident

"I just love this place!"
     -A.W.; Karesh resident